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4 AM The Movie4 AM The Movie

Thrilling tribute to Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, Paul Peterson's UFO Show disrupts small town southern MO, altering one mans life.

  • 110.3%funded
  • $6,621.00pledged
  • Apr 21st, 2016finished
Perfect SongPerfect Song

After the death of her abusive father a struggling artist runs away, to find love and ultimately her own voice.

  • 104.0%funded
  • $13,521.50pledged
  • Mar 30th, 2016finished
Demons : A gay dark comedy short filmDemons : A gay dark comedy short film

MURDERERS. CANNIBALS. DRUGGIES. VEGANS. In a world in which inner demons are accepted, Joe still struggles to be himself.

  • 102.0%funded
  • $5,101.00pledged
  • Mar 11th, 2016finished
A Tree in the WinterA Tree in the Winter

Story about a long distance relationship and the struggles and strain it causes on two people, no matter how much they love each other.

  • 108.0%funded
  • $2,700.00pledged
  • Feb 18th, 2016finished
Infinite - A Short FilmInfinite - A Short Film

In his last months alive a man calls upon his 4 closest friends to make his existence infinite through the assembly of 5 key elements

  • 162.1%funded
  • $1,621.00pledged
  • Oct 29th, 2015finished
Sunnyville HeightsSunnyville Heights

With a little help from friends and hallucinogens, an immortal retirement home worker finds the purpose his life so desperately needs.

  • 100.0%funded
  • $12,000.00pledged
  • Oct 1st, 2015finished
"KNOCKOUT MOUSE"  - a short satire"KNOCKOUT MOUSE" - a short satire

A pharmaceutical rep with a secret is offered his own public access show. All he needs now is a knockout mouse.

  • 101.6%funded
  • $6,603.00pledged
  • Aug 5th, 2015finished
BLUE BORSALINO  - a short film noirBLUE BORSALINO - a short film noir

A private detective fails to prevent an attack on a young woman. Years later, she wakes from a coma. It's time to tell the truth...

  • 230.0%funded
  • $23,000.00pledged
  • Feb 19th, 2015finished
BLUE MIST - Finishing FundsBLUE MIST - Finishing Funds

A short film exploring what it means to be deaf. (Enable Device for CC) or go to our YouTube

  • 103.1%funded
  • $12,375.00pledged
  • Jan 30th, 2015finished