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HoverHandBoard - The Handheld interactive skateboard drone.HoverHandBoard - The Handheld interactive skateboard drone.

With capacitive touch sensitivity, Interact in a whole new way with a hand flying Hoverboard drone you can fly and hover anywhere.

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Qto-X, a Tiny LanternQto-X, a Tiny Lantern

its magnetic, no more switches no more heavy & bulky look, rechargeable, stylish and versatile.

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iBrush 365 ™ For Smart PeopleiBrush 365 ™ For Smart People

iBrush 365 ™ invented for one purpose and one purpose only. \n“To brush from the gums towards to teeth just like dentists recommend.”

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  • Apr 13th, 2016finished

BAT-SAFE is an easy to use device that ensures your safety while charging and storing LiPo batteries. And it really works!

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  • Mar 18th, 2016finished
The Up Light: Smart Wake Up LightThe Up Light: Smart Wake Up Light

Wish it was easier to wake up in the morning? The UpLight is a 16M color Smart LED that helps you sleep better and wake naturally!

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  • Oct 1st, 2015finished