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Xtreme Champion Tournament #4Xtreme Champion Tournament #4

Can Lozen get her revenge against Baykok, or will Spartacus's team splinter? Find out in XCT: Revenge issue #4 in the XCT series.

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The AA Squad Issue #1The AA Squad Issue #1

The AA Squad is the story of a team of misfit time travelers as they travel through space and time to save the universe!

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  • Nov 1st, 2016finished
World of EsrasWorld of Esras

"This is the real magic of fantasy fiction: it can feed souls and change lives."

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  • Jun 3rd, 2016finished
NeverMorrow: A One-Shot Space ComicNeverMorrow: A One-Shot Space Comic

A Sci-Fi story about an astronaut and their AI drone, stranded on an unknown planet, hoping to find civilisation in order to survive

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  • Jun 2nd, 2016finished
LILACS, a One-shot Horror ComicLILACS, a One-shot Horror Comic

When Max runs into a lady selling Lilacs, he learns that some tell a different story about how his life will turn out.

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  • Apr 21st, 2016finished
B-Squad - Volume TwoB-Squad - Volume Two

Expendable misfits face ridiculous and dangerous missions. 100 pages, 5 missions, and 5 characters killed by the roll of a die!

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  • Mar 19th, 2016finished
King Supreme: The Supreme ServantKing Supreme: The Supreme Servant

King Supreme #1 is the comic book continuation of the King Supreme short story in the #4thWallUniverse. A true "Hero" is a servant

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  • Apr 11th, 2015finished
Humalien - An action/scifi comicHumalien - An action/scifi comic

In a future where humans are extinct, one was bred in a lab to be a living biological weapon. Story & art by J. Adam Farster

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  • Mar 20th, 2015finished
The Chronicles of Faro  -- Chapter 2The Chronicles of Faro -- Chapter 2

Having prevented the Lincoln Assassination, Faro Kane is back in the game when The Circle hatches a new plot to take over America.

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  • Sep 26th, 2014finished