Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kicking it Forward?

Kicking it Forward is an initiative to foster sustainable growth among crowdfunding projects, with the ultimate goal of a strong crowdfunding community that embraces new ideas. Crowdfunding is built around consumers and users who are passionate about fresh ideas helping to make them happen; Kicking it Forward also recognizes that a key component in making crowdfunding sustainable is for project creators to cooperate, instead of compete.

Can I add my Indiegogo or Fig projects to Kicking It Forward?

Unfortunately, our website only supports Kickstarter at the moment. However, you can certainly note on your own non-Kickstarter crowdfunding project that you are part of the Kicking it Forward initiative. We hope to extend support to more platforms sometime in the future.

Can I contribute my 5% to projects that aren't on the Kicking it Forward website?

Of course! Our goal is to support all crowdfudning projects, not just the ones that are taking part in the Kicking it Forward movement.